McKee Branding 2016

7 responses to “McKee Branding 2016

  1. Thanks for sharing John — always enjoy seeing folks working cattle.

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  2. I have another blog dedicated to writing prompts. Last Thurs I prompted folks to either write a picture, or take a picture, or pictures, that reflect the phrase “worth a 1000 words.” I’m going to share the link to this post with my blog prompt readers because both your poetry and your photography always paint beautiful pictures.

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  3. John, thank you for shooting this series and then sharing it. The portraits are nice. The ones of the rugged man somehow tends to fit the stereotype of the Marlboro Man ads. Maybe not your intension but for me,who is not familiar with the true cowboy, there is that connection. The close up of the saddle horn is the best of the series. To me it truly represents the symbol of a cowboy.


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