that which there is no greater
                                     – “Flying Cowboys”

A yellow pincushion dances outside
my macro lens, unsteady gusts
I can’t follow closely, can’t keep up

on my knees. But I know what I want
and hope for something better
than what I see, let the aperture

find bokeh and focus for a fraction
of a second saved for another time
when I need to escape the news—

lose myself, and be this flower
wild and hearty in sandy ground
that grows poor feed for cattle.

Low downcanyon, all shades
of gray after-rain clouds, convoys
of cumulus trailing the storm from west

to east wanting to be thunderheads
as far as I can see of infinity
from the pasture, this close up.

                                                for Jessica


Yellow Pincushion Chaenactis glabriuscula
1-2″ diameter
1-3′ height
March 14, 2016


7 responses to “IDES OF MARCH, 2016

  1. Living in the vicinity of the Windy City, I know the feeling of waiting, waiting, waiting for that dancing flower or plant to stop, just for the briefest moment, so I can try to immortalize it. 🙂 Glad you caught this one.


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  2. I have pink pincushions and blue pincushions yet I’ve never seen yellow. I know well that dance with wind, flower and lens. Your poem captured it.

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  3. Thanks, Dad. Comforting to know you get it. Love how you captured the experience of trying to capture an experience.

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  4. great words and photo – I can relate

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