Grass and Rain




Not quite déjà vu, Saturday’s sun set under clear skies after another half-inch rain, illuminating the sycamores again, but with less intensity. This is the perspective I wanted for yesterday’s post, but by the time I got to this position, the light was gone. When you’ve got grass and rain, you’ve got time to think about other things.


7 responses to “Grass and Rain

  1. It’s true. You need the necessities first.


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  2. I need a fix!!!! Beautiful!!!


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    • It’s been awhile since it’s been too wet to see the cows, get off the asphalt, and not worry about water and feed. It takes some getting used to again, we’ll take our time as Spring unfolds.


  3. Very nice again. It is so nice to see the green. It’s almost overwhelming. I was out and about in the Sonoma Valley traveling some of the back roads. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

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