Bumper crop of acorns,
warm monsoon rains.
The redbud bloomed

confused, drawing butterflies
for weeks—the season’s
last hatch of Monarchs

swarming crimson, orange
and black-trimmed fairies
to the front door.

All a sign of something
unusual, uniquely beautiful—
that superfluous imbalance

charged to an unknown
future—a fleeting gift
to remember the gods

before leaving us
four years dry and begging
for something normal.



Weekly Photo Challenge: “Weightless” Monarchs


Weather Journal 2011-12

Rainfall History


10 responses to “GIFT, OCTOBER 2011

  1. John, a nice interpretation of this week’s challenge both in words and picture.

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  2. Fantastic. I love this.

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    • I’m glad. As I look back at the beginning of our drought years, the bumper crop of acorns after two wet winters and all these Monarchs may have been a superfluous sign of leaner times to come. Who knows?


  3. Beautiful image and memories of better times. Hoping you get some rain soon.

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