Photo: Neal Lett

Photo: Neal Lett


We live too low, too far down
the mountain to hear
the Canyon Wren sing

for the joy of it, cascade
of octaves, grin in the cedars,
thunder of the river dim.

Our love affair with music
is our own, separate
secrets searching for a song

somewhere on the mountain—
that half-ascension
finding harmony among the pines.


7 responses to “AMONG THE PINES

  1. John, thank you for the poem. I’m taking more time to look and read.
    Happy New Year to you and all of yours.

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  2. Lovely – ‘cascade of octaves’. I can see those notes falling…


    • I do love the song of the Canyon Wren, placed on the mountain beyond most human ears. I am a frustrated musician, most envious of anyone who has taken the time to learn to play an instrument to accompany with their vocal chords. It is the joy on my brother’s face that triggered the poem.

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  3. there is so much music in your words i hear your tune


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