On the weather map
watching the storm slide
slowly down the Sierras,

a green right arm wraps
around San Jose,

headed toward this warm
midsection, and I wonder:
with an upper cut of cold?

—wet inch down already,
as if the gods are on a mission
to treat us squarely—

as if there is a plan
to anything,
or just random rolls

we learn to adjust to
moment after moment
never seen before!


15 responses to “ALWAYS MOMENTS

  1. Great one, John. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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  2. OOps, I went looking for a proper card for you and didn’t do it right, how about this?

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  3. Peter Notehelfer

    Hauntingly beautiful picture; hauntingly beautiful lines of verse . . . Blessings in this Holy Season . . .

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  4. I just love hearing about the rain…and of course, reading your poem and seeing the picture. Pretend I just sent you a Christmas card from Leanin’ Tree. 🙂



  5. What a great Christmas gift — rain.
    Merry Christmas to you & all your folk.

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  6. Wonderful words to accompany a great photo. Thanks.

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