“Reflections of the West”


I am honored to have work included in the new collection from C. J. Hadley:

Layout 1


“Reflections of the West” is the sequel to “Brushstrokes and Balladeers: Painters and Poets of the American West,” which was called “stunningly beautiful,” “an eclectic masterpiece,” and “a brilliant concept flawlessly executed.” In 2014, “Brushstrokes” won the prestigious Wrangler award from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City and two Will Rogers Gold Medallions in Fort Worth for “best poetry book of the year.”

“Reflections of the West: Cowboy painters and poets” includes work from fifty-three poets and thirty painters, who were either born to the ranching life or have gifts extraordinary enough to be able to share it.


“Relfections of the West”


Kudos, once again, C.J.! A remarkably cohesive project worthy the livestock tribe for generations to come—a landmark publication blending art and poetry inspired in the West, truly a jewel among books. As part of a culture in your debt, I owe you more than thanks, but thanks so much nonetheless. 
– John Dofflemyer


8 responses to ““Reflections of the West”

  1. It only seems right that your work would be included. What a great honor, congratulations.

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  2. John, do you know who painted the cover? It looks like Don Weller’s work. Beautiful book and looks like a ‘must have’.

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  3. Congratulations John! Well deserved inclusion. 🙂

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  4. Congratulations. For those of us who won’t have access to the book are you allowed to post your contribution?

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