Beneath dark skies
cold up-canyon gusts
strip leaves in showers

of yellows, reds and browns
at provocative angles,
stirring the wild within

to escape dry flesh—
become wet winds
between each limb

and naked twig
to greet the rain’s
drum upon the roof

until we are drunk with it—
blessed and blurry-eyed
to grin with grass.


13 responses to “IDES OF NOVEMBER

  1. Strip leaves in showers….I like that imagery.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope that’s a current photo, John. 🙂 I understand being drunk with it!



  3. Isn’t it wonderful?


  4. Ya, rain – keep it coming even if it does render trees bare.


  5. Naked now but imagine the spring after this glorious outpouring!


    • We tend to savor each day knowing anything can happen, superstitious enough not to look too far ahead. Our springs can be glorious, but also mark the end of greenery and the beginning of our hot summers. This is the time of year we live for.


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