No sense.

Sometimes most clearly
through the eyes
of the bewildered

we see ourselves
spawned upon this earth
not as peacemakers

nor avenging angels,
but fallible and human
driven to plod on.

How do we find our grace
like salmon,
like rattlesnakes

born elsewhere?
How do we know the way
it makes us,

shapes us
into words,
into song?

                              for Merilee


3 responses to “ALONG THE WAY

  1. “…fallible and human
    driven to plod on.”
    Yes, with glorious moments in between.

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  2. There you are. I’m behind in my blog reading, but finally arrived. Just in time.


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  3. This one is really good, John! 🙂 Nice work.
    Love the country pics…always.

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