Too tame to survive
the last day of the season
but with careful luck.



Weekly Photo Challenge (2): “Careful”


11 responses to “BLACKTAIL BUCK

  1. He looks majestic. I hope he gets to enjoy winter without too much interference. x


    • Me too, he’s been running with 5 does for the past couple of weeks. If he makes it until sunset, he’ll have the run of the ranch until next year. I lived for buck season when I was younger, love venison, but now just to see nice bucks while we’re working, and know that they’re out there, is more than enough.

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      • He’s definitely spoiled for choice. Good for him. It sounds like you have the ideal work setting, surrounded by lovely animals. Good luck out there, John. x


  2. In the last ten years there has been an explosion of numbers of sambar deer in Victoria. Last year alone hunters killed nearly 60,000. They are not native and are doing tremendous damage to the forest and streams. Any introduced species has a major effect of upsetting the ecological balance, usually to the disadvantage of the natural environment. So although they are a magnificent animal they are not very popular right now.


    • The rebalancing act of native species is always in flux, but there are lots of examples of man’s bright ideas gone a stray. Here we protect the mountain lion, but not the dwindling deer population, its preferred and primary source of food.


  3. Peter Notehelfer

    There are survivors among the species, and then there are the rest of us . . .

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  4. One of the worst things that was ever done was to stop all hunting of mountain lions. Now they have moved into cities and attacked both people and pets alike. Coyotes have followed suit and now perminent populations of bears in the cities. Conservation has to be a balancing act, not one sided.

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  5. I’m a little late to wish him well – Did it go okay for him?

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