The Big Casino, neon flashing with the sound
of coins in an empty bucket, we gamble
with the future, bet on multi-billion dollar

promises to win whatever philosophic war
of wills we don’t need to fire our passion
anymore. All the poor casualties, battlefields,

bombings and body parts we’ve seen
severed and separated from survivors
we ignore. We want an enemy to blame

here-at-home and over choppy seas
as if directors of movies made for profit—
played for our insatiable entertainment.


4 responses to “CAMPAIGN 2016

  1. Very well said. In the end we seem to always lose ’til the day of our final win.


  2. Wouldn’t be a better country if this was read before every televised political debate?


    • I’m not sure. You are a little closer to the heartbeat of the nation than I, but I’m afraid that half the candidates, either party, wouldn’t get it.


  3. As a member of the radical center, I find more truth in poetry than political postures. The only possible candidate I support is Jim Webb.


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