One more reason to postpone town—
my list of necessities buried in a yellow tablet
of half-poems, songs you want to learn to play

on your father’s Martin—we are almost
self-sufficient with the garden, fresh limes
for our evening Tanqueray watching cows

come into water before grazing up hillsides.
Some waddle now, heavy with calf. Summer
seems to want to leave early on gusts,

shadows longer on the cusp of change
we mustn’t miss—another day of details
to keep us closer to the home we’ve made.


14 responses to “PROCRASTINATION

  1. Rich & Shelby Hewitt

    I like it John. Great photo, makes me miss the ranch more than ever. Great
    words of wisdom.


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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    Is there a heaven better than being with the one you love, listening to the rich tones of a Martin, and having a slice of lime in your gin . . . Touching!

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  3. Love the way you caught the light! This is another I think would make a great jigsaw puzzle. Peace in the valley before a rain.

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  4. I think you should print this on canvas! Stunning photo of headquarters.

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  5. With a place like yours, I wouldn’t leave home either! But we all know what a lot of work it is to keep it humming.

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  6. Amazing words Amazing picture and scenery!

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  7. Great Picture John,
    The evening’s soft light on those South-Western slopes of Dry Creek, are the some of the sights we cherish, Of days gone by.
    One can almost hear the thunder rumble deep in that gathering storm to the North, reminding us all, to remember Who is still in charge!
    “Old Snap” would have a worried look in his eyes, at that sight! Ha!
    Great Verse As Well.— Earl

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    • Hello, neighbor. Thank you for reaffirming the real values and reasons we pursue this risky business — the stuff that counts and remains in our psyches as we face all the uncertainties that come with it, honing our senses and elevating our sensibilities. We are lucky and blessed to live in this canyon with such great neighbors, both tame and wild.


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