First Indicator of August




Some readers of this blog know that August is our weather indicator month for the following three months, 30-day cycles that presumably will intensify into winter when another ninety-day cycle sets up. We track our indicators and wait for confirmation in September, and hopefully storms in October.

Check out the link for current details for weather and fires in California, and a weekend forecast for Northern California.

Pacific Weather & Fires


4 responses to “First Indicator of August

  1. Photos from the Lake County fire shown on the news are something else, really scary. Have to hope and pray that El Niño comes through…without flooding please.


  2. I fear that if rain doesn’t come this year the forecast for California will be…barren.
    Silver lining… perhaps the fires will bring the bark beetle into check and perhaps help with population control through mass exodus.


  3. Hi John, thanks for the link. I have moved over to eastern Inyo County and am growing hay at Deep Springs College. The alfalfa keeps getting rained on, but this wet summer is keeping the grass growing in the White Mountains. If you need a place to stay on the way to Elko – we have a room here just east of Big Pine. There are no raccoons here, fighting to keep the last peach is a little easier than in Tulare, County. Ben


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