Portraits (4) of a Roadrunner



At my desk, a fluttering commotion outside the window. One of our several Roadrunners was trying to attack a metal silhouette of a crow on the window sill.


In the two feet between us, a screen door and window glass.


But a few of the many expressions of a Roadrunner…


…that I thought I’d share.


10 responses to “Portraits (4) of a Roadrunner

  1. I always imagine the Coyote somewhere right behind. 🙂


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  2. Are you sure you didn’t hand raise these guys? lol


  3. Funny birds!


  4. John Kirkpatrick

    Richard, et al: They seem to have no fear of humans. Maybe because they have been without much human contact for a very long time. No fear of dogs – they can outrun dogs and horses. So, maybe they run faster than coyotes. We are the “neighbors who handfeed”. We decided to quit this year after the second brood fledged. They are now all weaned from our largess. One came up on the deck this morning and posed for pictures close up.

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