A man gives up early in the summer,
too warm for wine, too hot for evening
poetry to endure, before darkness closes

the oven doors to bake in the black.
The Kings River calls, trout singing
from the riffles, asking why, when

trails of natives and early settlers rise
into the mountains, spread like webs
into the pine cabins and camps

beside the mantra of running water
through the night. I go early to bed
to get there in my dreams.


2 responses to “RIO DE LOS SANTOS REYES

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Nice poetry! It’s not too bad so long as you can dream about the biting trout! Made me think of an old fishing friend who died last year: His wife asked him, ‘Are you chewing again?’ And he answered: ‘Only when I’m fishin` . . . Or thinkin` about fishin`!’


  2. Sometimes there are so many things I’d like to do. Fishing and hunting, even going out to water the victory garden. If wishing would just get me there… without movement.


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