Off the road, three geese
feel safe, wait for barley hay—
one without a mate.


5 responses to “THREE GEESE

  1. Canada geese are like the 12th century mongol hordes of the bird world. In my neighbourhood duck pond where I sometimes stop to feed the ducks there was one giant goose, hissing at me and hogging the crumbs I was throwing at the mallard pairs. Last night walking a path that follows our beautiful Ottawa River, we were doing the goose-poop dance to avoid the lumps of feces everywhere. Here’s hoping that one mate-less bird stays single. That tirade aside, your haiku is lovely!


    • I’ll think of something to say when I finish chuckling. Jam what once was wild into a neighborhood duck pond, feed and tame them some more, and what have you got? Shit on your shoes.

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  2. Perhaps if you didn’t feed them (which is illegal for a reason) they wouldn’t stay around long enough to make the mine field?


  3. lol both responses so well said.


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