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In these hills, a man finds space that feels
familiar and friendly, and it must ask
in ways where we hang empty words
like ribbon just to find our way back – but
we stay a moment and let our horses blow.

They feel it – perhaps they feel it first
and do the asking of the place, or perhaps
it is the shards of light diffused at dawn
upon the many-legged oaks standing
knee-deep in grasses on the near ridge

that shield us from man’s square creations,
his cubic thinking. Perhaps the sensual grace
of limb or slope, or granite worn to look
inside our minds, but there are places
that ask nothing else of us but to breathe

and taste the air, inhale with our eyes
and drink with our flesh for just a moment.
Once dared, it becomes ever-easier to be
enveloped with the wild, an addictive peace
that embraces awe as eagerly as a child

might love – where a man can ride beyond
his time and station, beyond the tracks of those
before him: spaces that beg a moment’s notice
where both grand and simple revelations
are left and learned and lived in place.

                                        “Poems from Dry Creek” (Starhaven 2008)



WPC(1) — “enveloped”


26 responses to “ONE MOMENT, PLEASE!

  1. There’s really nothing left to say because you said it so eloquently, especially the final three lines. They are mountain-top words.

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  2. The photo brings back my days of falconry, the words refresh my soul.

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  3. wingsandwildhearts

    Reblogged this on wingsandwildhearts and commented:
    Beautiful photo and beautiful words.

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  4. Peter Notehelfer

    Awesome pic, Awesome poetry . . .

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  5. I’ve felt ” an addictive peace that embraces awe as eagerly as a child.” Beautifully put, John, and what an amazing photo!


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  6. Powerful shot and strong and beautiful poem!

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  7. Very nice interpretation!

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    • Thank you. This week’s theme reminded me of my photograph of this young Red Tail juvenile protecting his ground squirrel from his sibling circling overhead. Quite amazing few moments just outside the door.

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  8. My, my… that’s pretty strong talk, Tim, thanks so much!!


  9. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    what an incredible photograph, he is a predator but shows no need to apologize for it….the word majestic comes to mind
    I like your first line, I always feel when I walk Maya on the backroads
    its like every tree greets us, grasses wave, flowers smile, yet the space where they all come together vibrates with such blissful energy

    actually I like all the lines, but the first set the feel for me., I like thoughts that feel as well as hearing
    Take Care…You Matter..

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