Good bug year:
Daddy Longlegs
on a wet paint wall,
Crane Fly waiting
for me to dry
and hang my towel
back, herds of Earwigs
hiding between the leaves
of artichokes, and bitter
gnats drowning
in my uncovered wine.
Most don’t bite

but feed the Phoebes
and one another
in the springtime,
summer, fall.
Hatch upon hatch,
I dream of casting
to eddies, riding riffles,
the splash and set
of hook, playing
and landing trout
if there were
any rivers running.


6 responses to “DREAMS IN DROUGHT

  1. Funny you should mention Daddy-long-legs, we just got rid of two in our bathroom yesterday, but an earwig I haven’t see in many, many years!

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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    you can take the water out of the river
    but you can’t take the river out of the fisherman . . .

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  3. Aww I was taken away to the bliss of happy times, then ice water that doesn’t exist dumped on my head.

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