I have forgotten
lots of things,
left them on the job,

or like tools
in the weeds
by mistake.

If any good
comes from drought,
it’s finding things

and remembering
how and who
we’ve been

without one another—
sweet reunion with
my pipe wrench friend.


6 responses to “IN PLACE

  1. Your poem reminds me of the way I now view not being able to find something. I take that as God’s way of getting me to find something else that I didn’t even know I needed or needed to find. It’s worked out that way too many times to be co-inkydink as we like to call it.

    Have a great weekend, John, and praying for rain for you!


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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    Finding lost things [and friendships] is one of an old man’s delights . . . Nicely said . . .

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  3. Hi John,

    Damn, does that hit home! If all my lost “friends” all turned up in one day, I could stock a second workshop, albeit a rusty one. Then there are all the pencils…

    I truly enjoy getting your daily emails!

    Jerry Thomas

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  4. I totally agree with both of you, and leave it to John to find a silver lining!

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