Dry grasses, weeds and wildflower leaves
turned brittle, blond and hollow-stemmed,
past help or hoping for a storm as we,

when the sky went gray for days: clouds
stacked, thunder clapped in the backcountry,
spilling little drops erasing tracks in dust

with damp, new air to breathe. Every creature
prayed—out of habit more than necessity,
to all our different gods—a great wanting

on the breeze, just to see it rain. Like true
love at the core of things, it came in sheets
of ecstasy—that full feeling of feeling good.


3 responses to “GOOD RAIN

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    And the smell – the smell of the approaching rain – strong as electricity in the air . . . Very nice writing . . .

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  2. I’m right there with you and the delicious rain smell is in my nose. We had rain a few days ago and the earth and plants have responded beautifully.


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  3. South of you I got a 5 min sprinkle. A still unanswered question of the water department, “how many showers must I give up to plant a small vegetable garden?”.

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