Beneath the blankets
of fuzzy bloom, arms and legs
serve dinner for two.



10 responses to “FEAST IN THE FIDDLENECK

  1. Dawn Spoelstra

    Perfect! I’m so glad you were able to get this shot!!

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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    Remarkable pic . . .

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  3. Amazing photo. As for dinner, I’ll stick with my corned beef for tonight. 🙂


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    • Thank you Janet. Not sure what kind of caterpillar they were dining on. By the time we arrived last Sunday, it was pretty shriveled up as if they sucked its moisture dry. The photos turned out better than I expected though, autofocusing on every stem and flower. When I picked two Fiddleneck out of the way, they flew off. I probably should have been more careful.


  4. Fabulous shot, John. Every day, you amaze and enlighten us. Did you see the quote from you on the TCT Lake Kaweah page? Do you have a photo that illustrates the view you describe? We can shoot the dam only from the opposite direction!
    Thanks so much for all the good work.


  5. Ima tell myself, “It’sO.K.It’sthecirlceoflife.”
    Violence and tragedy on a micro scale.


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