Two centuries of women
gone beyond
healing and grinding,
needing shade
away from men—

dead Live Oak place
to roost for years,
our pair of crows
make familiar
flutters of love
balanced on a branch,
know one another’s
every feather,
preen and quiver
with how it feels
into the gloaming


4 responses to “AFTERWARDS

  1. This is such a beautiful image: “…flutters of love balanced on a branch”. Equally true for humans, don’t you think?

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  2. This resonates powerfully for me. As I age and see my perspective change slowly but irrevocably, finding my place in the continuum of life is comforting.


    • Hey, CJ. ‘Irrevocably’ is the word as time ratchets on, no going back! We can hate that we can’t, or make the best of it, a large part of which is a perspective that just seems to get richer. And consistent with this land-based culture, we’ve learned how to ‘make do’ with what we’ve got. Cheers, amigo.


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