February 15, 2015

February 15, 2015


                         the green growth the mind takes
                         from the pastures in March;

                              – Wendell Berry (“Goods”)

Like cattle filling bellies
becoming whole to bloom,
resting early in the shade of limbs
awaiting leaves, the pastures pulse
with goodness for as far as I can see.

How spring seemed so much longer
when I was a boy, the world wider
as the hills came alive, breathing
easily as apparitions danced
upon the green between rains.

And it becomes us to overwhelm
all else—renewed proof and hope
for mankind—pattern and possibility
yet on this earth that we absorb
like grass. And we feed upon it.


6 responses to “LIKE CATTLE

  1. John and Robin,
    Now that’s beautiful!!
    A warm, Canadian hello from Alberta!

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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    “How spring seemed so much longer / when I was a boy,” Remarkably true! Great post . . .

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  3. There’s nothing greener than spring grass and a young boy. That is one joyful colour.

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