Six Pix: Great Basin Home



With a leisurely, late start from Elko, we encountered a few midday showers Monday, crossing Nevada’s Great Basin between Carlin and Tonopah, making for some interesting high-speed photos with the point and shoot.



Under a dark cloud outside Eureka, a blurry foreground beneath a crisp Lone Mountain on the ‘Lonliest Road in America’ (US 50).



Hay headed to dry California.



We stopped for a bowl of soup at the refurbished and reopened Mizpah in Tonopah,



then headed into to the sunset towards Bishop.




6 responses to “Six Pix: Great Basin Home

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    There is blessing in simply being . . .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice series. I particularly the abstract quality of the first image of rain on your windshield.


  3. Once again, gr8 pics! I hope you loaded your truck full with those showers and may they follow you home


  4. When I noticed your travel through Tonopah, I was thinking you might have been driving through our neighborhood. Last week we had quite a spell of rain for around here. Tonopah, AZ is just west of us here in Buckeye… A little thought and a quick Google search let me in on the fact that there is a Tonopah, Nevada.


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