Sulphur - December 11, 2014

Sulphur – December 11, 2014


No father or mother left to leave
a Christmas gift under the tree—
even the child in us understands.

An ever-ready substitute, the old
Hereford bull plods along the fence
looking past the asphalt, gutturally

conversing with the neighbor’s
registered Angus mothers
while his younger brethren work

the steep brush and rock,
gather families in the wild
from last year’s seed.

Kept another year, just in case
someone gets hurt, we become
the extras for the gods—

walk the sidelines
lending words to the old songs
‘lest the world forgets

the melodies of Christmas
when it rains, or snows low
leaving only grass under trees.


3 responses to “BEFORE CHRISTMAS 2014

  1. Good-looking cattle.


    • Thank you. In his ‘working clothes’, a good sign, the young Angus bull has trimmed down and the cows haven’t been supplemented for weeks, all relying on grass that’s fresh and washy now, and lacking strength — but they are in pretty good shape as we head into winter with nearly 3″ of rain since this photo was taken. The pundits say that we’re ahead of normal for this time and date, but after 30 months without, the color green is unbelievable.


  2. I love the Hereford X Angus calves. They are a favourite around this way as well.


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