I made a quick tour of Greasy yesterday before the current rain to check our cattle and feed conditions and to cut a Kubota-load of Manzanita. The lighting beneath the cloud cover and view of Sawtooth (elevation 12,343′), above Mineral King Valley in Sequoia National Park, from below Sulphur Peak was eerie and intriguing, enhanced by the 30x telephoto of my point and shoot. Only a light dusting of snow remains from our last storm, but the forecast is for three feet on the Great Western Divide.


4 responses to “Sawtooth

  1. This is a fantastic photo; and when I enlarged it….WOW!

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    • Thanks, Angeline. One of those weird preludes to a storm. A landmark or touchstone for many who can still see the Sierras through our bad air, this was an usual view of Sawtooth Peak I wanted to share.


  2. You can’t find paintings as good as what you see around you. Fantastic

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    • Yes, that prolonged moment was like a painting. And yes, now that we’ve had a little rain, there’ll be more to come. Thanks for your comment and checkin’ in.


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