— Happy Thanksgiving —

IMG_8021 - Version 3


8 responses to “— Happy Thanksgiving —

  1. “When a turkey spreads its tail to show off, you can see its a**hole” – Saint Francis de Sales. Actually, he said “peacock”, but turkey will do! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Robbin. Loved your When Words Are Done poem.


  3. As a pretty much ex occasional turkey hunter the gr8 photo is both a tease and a reminder of wonderful times gone by and why I loved being out there.
    Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you and yours.


    • Thank you, Richard. We’ve been encouraging the wild turkeys for so long here that the thought of shooting one seldom crosses my mind. Ducks and quail, another matter.


  4. The truly ironic part of the pic is that they are on the other side of the fence. Always on private property. lol I do love watching them fly down from a roosting tree and calling them in. Shot no longer maters, just to be where they live. Pray for a good crop of acorns. (along with grass of course) Negative can be hogs love em too.


  5. Happy belated Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday Season, John. Great pic!


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