Down at the County Seat they have believed
big is better, in growth before maintenance
to attain full-employment and prosperity,

hoping for crumbs from corporate plates—
our wide-eyed chiefs hypnotized
by shiny beads and synthetic blankets.

The colonial model has arrived
for one last, lasting extraction from the land
leaving it useless, ripped naked—its precious,

fresh water exposed for fifty years
of the same reasoning and excuses
for following the wrong dream.

Few people learn from their own mistakes,
and fewer yet from the mistakes of others—
but not admitting them is just plain ignorance.



Valley Voice: Cemex Lemon Cove

Valley Voice: Cemex McKay’s Point

2 responses to “PROCESS

  1. John-
    All very wise observations; and foundations for profound frustration and fear of the future for our natural resources.

    We need voices like yours to attempt balancing the scale and eventually tipping it to the side of sanity and sound policy making. Earth’s well-being is being tested to the limits… it’s time we invest with in her health. Time for a good dose of altruism for nature’s sake.


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