Paregien Ranch Calves


We’ve had a busy week gathering and hauling the calves from the Paregien Ranch to the weaning pens where we’ll ship them to the Visalia Livestock Market on Tuesday for Wednesday’s auction. A short week’s wean instead of our normal 45-day+ wean for the Internet auction. Though a 100 lbs. lighter than normal due to poor feed conditions, the 90 head of mixed calves averaged 530 lbs. after an hour’s gooseneck haul down from 2,000 foot elevation on a 104° day. We expect to get some of the shrink back on good alfalfa while they emotionally adjust to not having the security of mother by their side.

All things considered, we’re very pleased with these calves.

6 responses to “Paregien Ranch Calves

  1. They look great, John! Good luck Wednesday; wish I could be there.


  2. It’s good to see your positive commentary in the midst of all the adversity of this season


    • Thanks, John. High cattle prices help, but there’s no point in wasting time crying when it takes all of one’s concentration to keep from adding to the lack of rain, feed, etc. Tears raise a poor crop.


  3. Still look healthy and contented 🙂


  4. I know nothing about your job, but love the sight of cattle when I drive down to the valley. I have a weakness for the baby calves. But I’m sure most of us love them.


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