Christmas Wish 2013


Jars of ocean water brought to Dry Creek from the north shore of Kauai, from Monterey and and San Francisco Bays for the ceremony this morning at the Native Women’s Healing Place where my three children spent hours playing, thirty years ago. Three generations speaking to the goddess in their own way, sprinkling salt water from the Pacific to this dry ground, making a wish.


3 responses to “Christmas Wish 2013

  1. Thinking strong thoughts from Nevada. Much love to the three generations gathered for the holidays. Here we also have three generations together for a short while and it is wonderful.


  2. Wishing you and the family a wet and wonderful 2014. With at least one Treasure video interview in it. After Elko, of course!


  3. Unfortunately, Laurie, we’ve sent our regrets to the 30th NCPG. No way we can leave under the circumstances.


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