This short time—these days,
these years, this life drawn
of earth and flesh, her breath

upon my face. The sun is late
to work, punches-out early
on the ridges. Each oak tree

takes a turn within
reflecting on lemon moons
rising without a rain.

We are hooked, we are trained
to follow every movement
of her hand, our eyes hang

on each stray strand,
each new clue
as to her mood.

This short time for lovers
of shadows on the edge
of pagan space rolls dry leaves

that sound like rain
in the dark of our delirium,
our empty wanting waiting.

This short time for family—
for all the hawks and birds,
for the all the animals,

wild and semi-domestic
that make a living together
in this dry place.


‘As If’

2 responses to “SOLSTICE 2013


    Winter breaks this afternoon

    with rain predicted by this evening.

    Blowing over top the Cascades,

    first true soaking of the season.

    Never seen this land so wanting.

    Now it fast will be replenished.

    Winter breaks this afternoon

    with half a season’s work to finish.

    Cutting cordwood for my heating.

    Cutting compost for the garden..

    Dry work coming to completion

    in a race with the moving storm.

    Winter breaks this afternoon,

    the maul is lost just when I need it.

    In the garden, broken handle.

    Left it there while building fences.

    Lost the changing of the season

    trying hard to keep the harvest.

    Winter breaks this afternoon

    and I’ve been favored with a warning

    from my Mother in the North State

    where the front has started pouring.

    Here the sky has clouded over,

    threatening and getting darker.

    Winter breaks this afternoon

    then Christmas Eve arrive in hours.

    Tonight I’ll remain alone here

    warmed by wood I’ve worked so hard for.

    Contemplating words of scripture.

    Warming deep a wanting spirit.

    Winter broke this afternoon.

    A misty haze has settled lightly.

    Not the downpour once expected,

    not enough to feed the landscape,

    not at all a common Winter.

    Just the prelude to a drought.


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