Ravage Her, Ravage Her, Leave Her in Heaps: Links

Photo by David T. Hanson from the The Design Observer Group.  "Strip mine and abandoned farm, 1985"

Photo by David T. Hanson
from the The Design Observer Group. “Strip mine and abandoned farm, 1985”

Warren Buffet’s Coal Problem

Photo Gallery: David T. Hanson

Arch Coal Posts $70 Million Loss

Arch Coal, Inc. (ACI) stock chart

Arch Coal Laying Off 750 Workers in Appalachia

In Montana, Ranchers Line Up Against Coal

Federal Court Backs EPA Regulation of Mountaintop Removal

H. Paul Moon Video of Wallace McRae: ‘Things of Intrinsic Worth’

2 responses to “Ravage Her, Ravage Her, Leave Her in Heaps: Links

  1. It is quite unfortunate to see what is going on these days, not only American lives and livelihoods being destroyed, as family ranchers are driven out, their land and water destroyed, polluted, but also the culture of the American West, already littered with blood and tears that echo from generations preceding us. Some claim it is progress, as ever increasing amounts of coal are torn from the earth, burned, and the toxic remnants shoved recklessly into ash ponds that inevitably leak into the water that sustains lives and livings of ranchers, farmers, as the air fills with mercury and lead from smoke stacks sending coal smoke into the sky. Yes, some call it progress, a man in a suit from far away, lines his already full pockets, not thinking or caring about the far reaching consequences of his actions. He (they) call it progress, as they ravage the land, often just to send coal to China so more junk can be made and sold back to us. The toxic smoke from Chinese coal plants will accompany barges full of shipping containers, headed back to the US, containers full of things destined for Wal Mart and soon after the landfill. Yes, they call it progress, as another ranch, another farm, another stretch of beautiful wilderness, is ravaged, paved, polluted, God’s country, our country, replaced with moonscapes and strip malls, streams that once trickled cool cleaned water, now tainted with the poisons they make. And where is this progress? What will we see in these mining towns when the coal is gone? What will be left? The answer can be found in history, in the stories of the past, in the communities already destroyed, with all the progress leaving with coal company CEO’s, the answer can be found in Appalachia, in Eagle Creek, in the shadows of the hundreds of mountains already gone, blown away to take the coal beneath, in the miner that lost his job when a machine replaced him, in the community displaced so coal could be reached, in the streams buried by “overburden”, in the millions of acres of old growth forests, hundreds of years in the making, gone, in the fish full of mercury from the coal, in the thousands upon thousands of Americans whose health suffers from coal, heart disease, lung disease, damaged nerves of newborn children. It could be better, coal could be used without allowing profits to be placed over people, the toxins could be captured, common sense. The technology is there, but they choose not to use it, as it costs them money. Not cleaning it up costs the rest of us, over 300 billion a year in healthcare costs according to a Harvard study. Ahh, and the billions in corporate welfare the coal industry takes, as we pay to clean up their messes, time after time. We have seen, this is not a conservative, liberal, issue. Its not just sandal wearing hippies in San Francisco that care and want the coal industry to be held accountable for what they destroy, it hits all of us, farmers, ranchers, fisherman, parents, children, hunters, loggers, doctors, nurses, teachers, everyone. If Blankenship and the like have their way, the results are predictable, just take some time and read what they themselves have said, what they believe and care about, what they have done already. I stand with the rancher, the farmer, my children, the many native American tribes, the doctors and nurses, the rest of us that want things to change, as we mean more than the wealth and greed of those who want to destroy our land, air, water, health, to take what they want, ship it to China, line their pockets, pockets that will never be satisfied, and leave the mess and consequences to be dealt with by everyone else. Please, stop filling our air and water with mercury and lead, stop blowing our mountains away, stop destroying the livelihoods of the ranchers and farmers that feed us, stop destroying what is not yours to destroy.


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