OK City – Wrangler Awards




Friday night’s ‘Jingle, Jangle, Mingle’ with ‘Best Fiction’ winner D. B. Jackson





Jody Fuller and Robbin with Wes Studi, 2013 inductee into the Hall of Great Western Performers.





Guy Gillette, Waddie Mitchell and Pip Gillette – 2013 Outstanding Western Composition



Fuller & Fuller – Jody & Robert



The Hamptons





With Lisa Hackett



With Sandra Dallas (2013 Best Juvenile Book) and her husband.



With Robbin and Jody





With Red Steagall



Thanks, Red—

I am thrilled and deeply honored that my poetry has been recognized, a second time, by the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. My first Wrangler in 2009 was a real surprise, but it has encouraged me to take my writing more seriously.

I also want to thank the Western Folklife Center and the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering for offering a venue for my poetry and a readership for Dry Crik Press, our small press imprint established in 1989. Since that time, Dry Crik Press has published the work of eight different Wrangler Award winners*, including ‘Proclaiming Space’, and brought the likes of Buck Ramsey, Andy Wilkinson, Paul Zarzyski and David Wilke to the Sierra Nevada foothills to share their unique talents with our isolated ranching community.

But most of all, I want to thank my wife Robbin for her love and support, for her hard work and ideas, and for her patience and understanding. I am truly humbled because I didn’t get to this podium by myself.

On behalf of all, we thank you.

2013 Wrangler Award winners


*Dry Crik Press/Dry Crik Review

Buck Ramsey
Andy Wilkinson
Linda Hussa
Linda Hasselstrom
Paul Zarzyski
Walter McDonald
J.B. Allen

7 responses to “OK City – Wrangler Awards

  1. Nice pics John. Thank you for posting. Looks like quite a night!


  2. Congrats again John. I always thought you took your poetry serious! You are amazing and it is great that others let you know!


  3. Congratulations, John!


  4. Thank you. Two night’s worth of too much fun! Back to work, it all seems like a dream–as it should.


  5. John, it was a pleasure meeting you and Robbin at the Wrangler Awards. It’s great to know the cowboy culture is alive and well in America. Let’s keep writing about it and keeping it real.
    Your friend, Dale


  6. Laurie Schwaller

    Looks like you’re keeping some pretty good company these days! 🙂


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