Garden Photos

We have enjoyed a cool but beautiful spring, our feed prolonged and almost ideal weather for the garden, not forgetting our low snow and cold temperatures two weeks ago that shocked both tomatoes and cucumbers. The tomatoes and eggplants are happy, most of the cucumbers are not – strawberries getting ripe, peppers holding their own. Like calving in the fall and shipping in the spring, we’re a little ahead of the rest of the West as far as our garden goes. We’ll try to keep a photo journal of its progress.

(Click to enlarge)

4 responses to “Garden Photos

  1. We are sooooo jealous. This is beautiful. I especially love the places to sit and lounge and watch the potatoes grow.


    • Meg, we joke about all the sitting spots we’ve got, our different angels for 100-degree shade during the summer, various perspectives for simple satisfaction as the garden grows, one way or another, with or without us. But as you might imagine, this is really Robbin’s baliwick, her creation of a separate world apart from the cars up and down the road. Yet even the gloaming, with glass in hand, there’s always weeds to get, something to pick and share. Pretty neat, the garden satisfies many things and needs – perhaps even a little inspiration as your ground thaws, a little independence from the oh-so-many-things we don’t need. Have a Happy Easter!


  2. Phyllis Miller

    Kudos to you and your vision of restful energy at work. While you both observe from a seated perch, what you put in train is still working busily away. My daughter and her partner are permaculture practitioners in upstate New Your, so they are now planting seedlings that they started earlier. They are looking with avarice at an adjoining piece of acreage that they just discovered has a spring. The wide open spaces of green and growing things are heady encouragement to get outside and do more. Plus they spend time, listening to birds and smelling the unforgettable aroma of nature in its march to summer, and dreams of what will be harvested.

    I salute anyone who makes a way to stay connected to everyday creation. Congratulations.


  3. Thanks for the nice comment, Phyllis. The garden is like a dear friendship… it needs me as much as I need it.


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