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Opening the Dry Creek Preserve

Sopac Mulholland, JCD, Scott Spear, Hilary Dustin - photo: Laurie Schwaller

Twenty five years ago, Tulare County issued a Conditional Use Permit to mine rock and gravel here – in 1985, or thereabouts. It was controversial, but it also brought a community together to insist that the operators comply, and that Tulare County enforce, the conditions of that permit.

The Dry Creek Preserve is symbolic, because this is where growth and development has stopped for a moment on Dry Creek, and Nature has taken back over. This is an experiment, an experiment in reclamation, and an experiment in public access, a new land use on Dry Creek that will be managed by Sequoia Riverlands Trust. SRT

I am honored to cut this ribbon on their behalf, on the behalf of my mother and father who understood the forces at work from the beginning – on behalf of this community of families on Dry Creek who were forced to adapt to the drastic changes that rock and gravel mining brought here, and for the many with vision outside this canyon who supported us, offered us hope, direction and their expertise.

We welcome this new beginning.

photo: Laurie Schwaller - art: Matthew Rangel