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One in a Half-Million

One never knows what lies ahead, where or how we might be blindsided by a turn of events.

Robbin and I have just returned from Santa Cruz where my daughter Amanda lives with her husband and two children, one of which is four months old. Stressed and overextended physically, Amanda, with her immune system weakened, contracted herpesviral encephalitis http://www.encephalitis.info/information/recovery-and-rehab/ a serious, 1 in 500,000 chance to contract this disease and its debilitating effects, including death. ‘Day-5’ since her seizure, she is still exhausted, but recovering well in the hospital, much-improved and retaining almost 100% of her cognitive and physical abilities. We feel extremely fortunate and blessed, thankful for all the prayers from those who knew her situation.

Lance, Amanda & Cutler - March 21, 2010

Lance, Amanda & Cutler – March 21, 2010