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Stealing the warmth of gravel

an inch at a time, famished

after winter’s long dream


of what’s on the menu:

blind hatch appetizers

or a full-grown squeeze.






Always a hole in the law,

in the black sky where the March moon

bores into your mind,


along the borders

between you and Nature

tirelessly encroaching.


She lives in town, the nurse

taking my blood pressure,

wants to know about the moths


driving her inside the house

with her kids

on the block of last night’s shooting.


I can’t imagine trying to sleep in a city.

First 80-degree day,

surrounded by colorful pastures


of wildflowers, thigh-high,

we can feel the snakes

crawling out of hibernation—


even the dogs are cautious,

as they check last year’s beds

dug in the shade of the deck.


The ebb and flow of skirmishes,

prey and predator, man and beast

until the end of time.




Prey or predator,

death untangles survival

with purpose for all.


A beautiful death

to compress a rodent’s life

into a banquet.

You Never Know…


…what you’re going to find in a haystack.


This five-foot gopher snake ‘on the move’ took my breath away yesterday afternoon as I loaded hay from the barn.



With apparent interest, judging by the comments, I’ve added this photograph of the gopher snake poking its head in a Black Phoebe’s nest of mud about ten feet up the vertical stack of hay bales. The nest has been empty for quite awhile. The snake knew just where it was and I suspect the Black Phoebe decided to move to another zip code.

On the Move