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                        I know for a while again
                        the health of self forgetfulness,

                                – Wendell Berry (“Sabbaths 2000, V”)

Call it ‘eye’, if you will,
that desperate search for notches
and niches apart from the self

that beckon, and sometimes beg—
but often ambush us with awe
to behold, to become so small

that we forget what we have created
within this heavy flesh just
to consume and survive our appetites

for a short time. Only the desperate
have it, the lucky ones looking
beyond man’s crude creations

our children must learn to live with.
I die a little each time I’m overtaken
to let the mind go at these thresholds

and somehow think that I can
preserve and frame the moment
in a photograph or poem.

                                                for Wendell Berry




Sabbaths 2000, V