I will not say where,

but offer a photograph

of three before rut


rattling branches

of brittle Manzanita

to harden their horns.

First Wagyu X Calf

Welcome to bare acres. Obviously we’re having to feed lots of hay until the new grass starts. Age and source verification requires that we record the first and last Wagyu X calf born — hours old this a.m. to cow 9049.

First Angus Calf

We record the first Angus calf of the season as part of our Age and Source Verification process.  These two are about 3 days old born to cows 3292 and 3305 on the Paregian Ranch.

Red Sun At Dawn

Behind the smoke, the KNP Complex, last Thursday’s lightning strikes that sparked the Colony and Paradise Fires in Sequoia National Park threaten both the Giant Sequoias and the community of Three Rivers. #tularecountysheriff https://news.yahoo.com/knp-complex-fire-threatening-sequoia-220907319.html?fr=yhssrp_catchall


After the lightning

igniting fires, after the storm,

a new day dawns


with hope

and a hint of change

from the blistering summer heat


with the equinox knocking

at the door, I think

of all the jobs earmarked


for years—our growing list

of work we’ve saved

for rainy days.


The prognosticators

are unusually quiet,

don’t dare say


when to expect a rain.

I keep adding to a list

that will outlive me.


Prey or predator,

death untangles survival

with purpose for all.


A beautiful death

to compress a rodent’s life

into a banquet.


Out of the blue

the space between us

rings like a bell


as I become

a curious diversion

for two young bucks


oblivious to the perils

of the outside world

swirling around us all.


How I envy such innocence,

rejuvenated for a moment—

yet I lay down to look


through dry stems of feed,

my horns lost in branches,

almost unseen.

Blame It on the Drought

It’s not often that you see two different species of hawks in such close proximity to one another, calmly waiting on the edge of a water trough.  But this morning while feeding the horses, they let me get close enough to use my ‘point and shoot’.  I defer to the birders, but it looks to me like a Red Tail on the left and a Harrier Hawk on the right.


Partners for a long time

on this earth



hills and canyons,

wet or dry,

side by side.


Close enough to touch

one another

in a storm,


comfort and embrace

with solid roots

and sturdy limbs.



until our grand stay here

finally decomposes.