Damages Between Storms


Another 1.58″ in the last 24 hrs., 2-day total 3.79″, forecast of 4+” through Wednesday, 3/15.

  1. Both sets of brush catchers caught hell and will have to be replaced.  Eroded far bank, widened channel.

      2. Pipe fence we recently built to the creek acted like a brush catcher and is lying flat.

      3 & 4. Culvert on Ridenhour Creek couldn’t handle the flow, wiped out fence and gate braces.

Lots of hillside sloughing on Dry Creek Rd, plugged culverts everywhere.  Road closed.  Greater damages to surrounding roads and small towns, Woodlake, Exeter, Elderwood.  

We’re fine.





7 responses to “Damages Between Storms

  1. Thank goodness you’ve okay!

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  2. Glad to know you’re all safe, John. I’m worried about the rain melting all (or lots of) that snow that’s accumulated. It’s been a rough month or so!!

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  3. Glad you are alright. Keep safe

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  4. Lani Hernandez

    In all of this weather drama, you can,t stay out for sure – it comes to find you! Take care guys.
    Lani Hernandez


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