I wake to a full moonlit room,

a cyclops train bearing down on me

from over the black ridge—



            there is no going back

            to find my dreams.


Still steady at a distance

killing things, I would have been

a good soldier, gorilla-style—


I know the place to go

to lift the pain away, to become

an instrument of peace


for the suffering, for the enemy

forever an ugly man

obsessed with efficiency.


The madman’s war and refugees—

what peace has he

within his hollow bunker


extinguishing what he wants

just to flaunt his power

for a wobbly world to see?



4 responses to “WOBBLY WORLD

  1. There is no end to the wobbly ones it seems.

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  2. Beautiful, John. Thank you. I hope you and Robin are well. Hugs, Marla

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  3. Louise Jackson

    Wonderful commentary and viewpoint, John!

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  4. A “square” needs a new paint job of red and gray matter.


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