It’s not easy to get glimpses of myself

among the young men in the branding pen,

awkward young bulls bellowing

as they wrestle fat calves to the ground.


Yesterday, I carried the nut-bucket

and dope instead of riding with a rope,

instead of sliding a wide loop

beneath two feet. I can feel it, see it


in my mind, the smooth dance and dally

round a cotton-wrapped horn, rolling

calves and slipping slack when needed—

but my metronome has slowed.


I don’t wish to be among the old chiefs

who stayed too long to become obstacles

in space and time just to be aboard,

just to lend a neighbor’s hand, like always.

3 responses to “A NEIGHBOR’S HAND

  1. Don’t think you’re an obstacle……..just yet!

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  2. An obstacle to try to adjust to be one that you had looked up to in the past memories. Just a new page for you to see from another perspective, as you help complete memories for the younger. Now you are rewarded with the ability to read the book from the back to the front as it is still being written. You may sprinkle in spoilers along the way.

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    • You nailed it Richard. A kid starts off carrying the nut bucket and dope, never knowing, if he lives long enough, that he may be doing the same thing in the end, hopefully with a wild and wondrous life in between.


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