Joan Didion RIP

She gave me eyes

to see between the lines,


the river’s current



surface politicized,



melody of words

for the truth in my mind.

12 responses to “Joan Didion RIP


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  2. OMG! Your comments (poetry) is so beautiful….thank you.

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  3. Bless your heart for this! She spoke truth to power before that was part of our current lingo. Merry Christmas to you! Sue Hartzell

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  4. You have captured her essence. Thank you.

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  5. So Joan Didion passed away. I read one of her books: THE WHITE ALBUM many years ago. I remember reading the essay where she describes her migraine headaches. She was a very good writer.


  6. I love, “she gave me eyes to read between the lines.” When I learned she died, I told my best friend, “She taught us how to think about the things we thought were obvious.”

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