Rain and Snow

Sulphur Peak

2.16” of rain the past two days and snow down to about 2,000 feet yesterday have been a game changer for Robbin and me.  So long dry, it’s not been easy to think in any other terms than drought, but we’re getting there as the south and west slopes fill in with green.  Forecast for more rain on the way through Christmas. 

4 responses to “Rain and Snow

  1. Great to see this. It’s been way too long in coming.


  2. The pump has been primed. Let’s hope it keeps running.


  3. Yea!!!!!!!!


  4. Hurrah for rain and snow! We’ve even had some rain here in the Phoenix area and it’s also much appreciated. Of course if we had as much as this in two days, it would be a big problem! 🙂 Great Christmas present for you.



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