I can taste the pines and cedars when I awake

to fuzzy black to search for stars

beyond, hoping for a clear day.


Choking smoke with my coffee,

with feeding cows and first-calf heifers

calving, faded coyotes close.


Ash falls like snow, skiffs light and dirty.

In this haze, it’s easy to get lost at home.

I track my steps to where I’m from.

5 responses to “TWENTY DAYS

  1. So much heart…


  2. John we are paying for so many bad decisions, and not doing anything is a negligent decision!


  3. I feel for you and Robbin, and even the new calves. God, how the world has changed…


  4. Shirley Kirkpatrick

    I shared this with our family. It explains beautifully what we are going through! Bad air quality, but the work must go on!


  5. Oh, John…this is heartbreaking.


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