Nest Building

Good entertainment, the house finches are now busy collecting nest materials that continually rain down from the rafters.  This ambitious female is retrieving what she dropped. (Click the photo to enlarge.)

2 responses to “Nest Building

  1. Ambitious indeed! The nest material looks bigger than she is. Hope she has better luck than the poor Eurasian collared dove in our olive tree. After knitting together a rather sparse collection of nesting material, she seemed satisfied with the result. Sat there for several days, enduring frequent attacks from a scrub jay and occasional swoops by a Coopers hawk. She finally abandoned the effort and the local white-crowned sparrows helped themselves to her twig collection.

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  2. I’m not sure where the house finches near us are nesting but we have grackles that come into the backyard and pull up long, stringy weeds that hang far down when they fly away. I’d be happy if they took more. 🙂


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