Rising above the Smoke



The sun cleared the smoke at 8:00 a.m., ash as big as silver dollars everywhere with visibility less than 1/2 mile on Dry Creek. You can taste the wood smoke, but nothing compared to those like Robbin’s brother and my friend Peter Clarke, with evacuation warnings, frantically clearing brush and watering down roofs in the Oakhurst/Coarsegold areas of Madera County less than 100 miles away. Please be safe.


3 responses to “Rising above the Smoke

  1. Mono Winds to kick-in midday. Currently, (10:00 a.m.) can’t fly the Creek Fire because of smoke.


  2. Took a picture just like this this morning, although we have no ash or smoke. What a horrific fire season it’s been! Bring on the snow that’s blanketing parts of the west!!


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  3. So sorry about all this. It is unreal. I believe in American participation in global Climate Accords. It is snowing in Colorado Springs this moment. Dusty Prendergast of CEO of the Louisiana Cattleman’s Assn said Hurricane Laura was “basically an 80 mile wide tornado.” They’re in disarray as you might imagine.


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