Photo: Brazil Photos/LightRocket via Getty Images


                                                                                you lift your faces
                    and let it drench you in evening prayer.
                                        – George Perreault (“April Winslow: Waiting on a Rain”)

Nothing good about the Amazon
burning better than expected:
a fifth less oxygen,
drier Gulf storms
from the llano to California
to stream our cheeks with prayer.


7 responses to “THIS WHEEL’S ON FIRE

  1. This is terrible and, from what I’ve read, caused by humans. Horrible!



  2. So…..are Brazilian ranchers having a little trouble with the “stewards of the land” concept? A question for CJ?


  3. Soooo, do the rest of us that benefit from the rain forests pay for the ecosystem services? Sorry to turn econerd on you………


  4. Thanks for the shout-out from my book on the Llano Estacado.

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