Four-point buck, horns
dull just out of velvet
five weeks before season opens—

quick hoof thump
of my old heart
upon the hard ground,

I smell venison marinade
over an open flame,
taste the back-strap melt

upon my tongue,
wild cunning juices
surging in my veins.

I become young again
and shoot
through a camera lens.


3 responses to “EASY SHOT

  1. My favorite kind of shooting, although I have nothing against people hunting for food and within the law.


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    • As much as I loved the hunt, and the venison, our deer have become so few that just seeing a nice buck is reward enough.


      • In cities/suburbs, the problem is often the reverse: too many deer and a population of people unwilling to let anyone cull the herds of “Bambi.” That does no service to the deer, the environment, or anyone/thing else.

        A few weeks ago on my walk in the park, I happened upon a herd of about 10 deer walking along in the river. It was a joy and I took quite a few “shots” with my iPhone. It was a glorious sight.

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