Great Day


Terri in the gate.


As the days get shorter, saddling at six is damn near dark.

Delightfully cool morning (70°) as we gathered our weaned heifers to sort for our replacements. We were hoping for 40-50 head to breed to the Wagyu bulls in December, but Robbin, Allie, and Terri ended up with 61 when all was said and done. Oftentimes, going in with preconceived number doesn’t always work as quality tends to sort itself. More to keep and less to sell is not terrible news.

After we had taken the two bunches to their respective pastures. I couched my congratulations to the girls with our private joke, “It’s not the way I’d have done it.          It was better.”

Have a Happy Birthday Terri! We love you (and Trigger).


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